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Power Option Plays

Hearing insights from people with more experience can be very beneficial.

Receive Insights from Top Robert Roy’s Coaches

Get Ahead of the Game

Subscribers to the Power Option Plays videos have the potential to recognise breakouts or breakdowns before they even show up on the radar for other traders

Access them Anytime, Anywhere

Get access to each video, 24/7, on your Power Option Plays member’s page. Each is available for 10 days after it posts. Access them on most devices.

Multiple Videos Each Week

Each instructor will post a power option video at least 2 days per week. The second that a new video is posted, you’ll receive an email so you won’t miss a beat.

Robs Power Option Plays

How is your trading going?

Are you getting the results you want?

I’m going to take a shot in the dark and say that there are 4 areas in your trading that if you were able to improve you would see dramatic differences in your trading results!

These 4 areas are what Trading Coach Robert Roy has specialized on for almost two decades and ones he has taught to over 50,000 students. The next question that most ask is “How do I get to learn these invaluable trading techniques”?

Rob has put together a training program called “Power Option Plays” It is a twice weekly training that focuses on 20 specific stocks and the rules needed to trade them.

Here is what you get with your subscription:

  • A Video newsletter twice a week (Sunday & Tuesday) Average time per session is 30 minutes
  • A Review Of The Top Trading Candidates (With Price Targets)
  • The Focus is On Highly Reliable and Highly Predictable Indicators (Harmonic)
  • Includes In Depth Investigation of the SPX &VIX
  • Analyze The Top Trading ETFs, For Example The SPY &QQQ

There are also BONUSES included with your subscription:

  • A Video Tutorial Library (Getting Started, Fibs, Pivots, etc.)
  • The Weekend Edition Is An Extended Review Of The Market
  • A PDF Document Copy Of The Trading Candidates
  • A Premium Workshop (Free For Power Option Plays Subscribers) every 30 to 45 days (Valued at $299 per session)
  • Additional (Educational) Training Sessions As The Market Requires
  • Review The Newsletter For 30 Days (Recorded)
  • Have Me As Your Trading Coach During Your Quarterly Subscription

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